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Coach and bus from Skopje to Sofia

Choosing the bus from Skopje to Sofia is particularly convenient. The distance is not that long, and the trip is rather pleasant. There are scenic views along the way and a lot of interesting things to see. Make sure to bring a comfy pillow for a particularly good time. 

Skopje is the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia, and it’s also its political and cultural hub. There are plenty of things to do and see in the city, and some of the interesting hotspots include the Stone Bridge, the National Theatre, the Suli An in the Old Bazar MRT Centre, the Monument of the Warrior on a Horse and the Skopje Fortress. Choosing the bus Skopje Sofia is a definitely a nice option when it comes to transportation – it’s quick yet affordable and will allow you to explore the natural beauty of the Balkans. 

Cheap bus tickets from Sofia to Skopje

Sofia, on the other hand, is the capital city of the neighbouring small country of Bulgaria. Even though it’s the poorest country in the European Union, it’s also one of the most beautiful once. The city itself has a tremendous amount of interesting things to offer to the tourist, and it’s characterised by a lot of cultural hotspots. What is more, the country itself is very scenic, and you will get to see a lot of interesting views along the way while travelling with a coach from Skopje to Sofia

Taking advantage of the bus from Skopje to Sofia is definitely the best option when it comes to land transportation. It’s affordable, and it’s relatively quick due to the rather short overall distance. It’s a great way to explore the beauties of the surrounding nature and to see why a lot of people prefer these as vacation destinations. To resume your trip through Balkans, you can try the bus from Sofia to Nis, in Serbia. From Macedonia, take the bus from Skopje to Budapest, for more fun.

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