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Brexit : what changes for your journeys by bus?

The news came out last night after a much debated referendum: British people have chosen Brexit, which means that leave the European Union. 
Being part of the EU comes with significant advantages when you travel by bus in one of the 28 other EU member country : no visa needed, possibility to take a bus with an ID, guaranteed medical care, ...
In Britain, outside of the Schengen zone, the European travelers had these benefits.
When the British Exit plan is set up that could take up to 10 years, what will happen to coach trips?
On a short and long term, what will the changes be for your journeys by bus?

In may, visit offbeat museums in Europe!

In May, culture and art are put forward all around the world and especially in Europe: the International Day of Museums and the European Long Night of Museums are scheduled for the 17th and the 20th of May. No excuse not to visit the best museums in Europe!
Of course, you could visit the Louvres Museum in Paris or the Prado Museum in Madrid but why not try something less classical?

Book your journey by bus and visit one of these offbeat museums in Europe :

OUIBUS Christmas deal : save 5€ on your next trip

You don't know what gift to offer to your loved ones? Have you thought about cheap trips by bus?

Find the ideal bus journey on and get the a OUIBUS 5€ discount on bus travels booked on Tuesday 13. and on Wednesday 14. December only. One more amazing gift to put under your Christmas tree.

It feels like it's already Christmas ! So here is how to benefit of this discount :

Interview with Alexander Günsche from Tixys

interview with Alexander Günsche from Tixys about online ticketin

For several years Alexander Günsche’s company has provided a full service booking system aimed for small and medium intercity bus companies. Customers like or Allgäu-Airport-Express use the system on their website.

In Germany and France about 80% of the bus tickets are sold via the Internet. In other markets like Italy, Croatia, Serbia or Poland the percentage is way smaller but heavily growing. We talked with Alexander Günsche about his product and the online ticketing for intercity bus operators in general.

Make sure to get ultra low cost bus tickets

So finden Sie die 1 Euro Tickets von

Maybe you spotted them already: offers bus tickets for 1 Euro* for each of its long distance bus trips, such as the bus route Berlin-Munich. How does this work? And how do you find these low cost bus tickets? Read this article to find out more.

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