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Bus Bucharest ↔ Sofia: price & duration
Bus: Pegasus Group
from 24.85* EUR
from 06h 15min

Bus Bucharest Sofia Prices

Coach and bus from Bucharest to Sofia

To save money on travelling, you should consider using a cheap bus or coach for your next trip. You can save a lot by travelling by bus from Bucharest to Sofia. Even travelling by bus does take a little bit longer than by train, it is still very short and enjoyable if you have books, your phone, a comfy pillow, and some snacks to help pass the time. 

The bus Sofia Bucharest takes you right into the heart of Romania’s capital. Bucharest is fun, energetic, and dynamic. This is a city where unreconstructed communism and unbridled capitalism are blended together. Most of the times travellers only spend a day in the city before moving on to Transylvania but are recommended that you spend a few days in Bucharest. The city is full of great cafes and museums to visit. The Palace of Parliament is worth a stop because it is one of the crassest and craziest tributes to a dictatorial megalomaniac that you can see. 

Cheap bus tickets from Sofia to Bucharest

A quick coach from Bucharest to Sofia is a great way of travelling on a budget. Sofia is a unique capital city because it is very relaxed and most travellers end up skipping this stop as they head straight to the nearby resorts. Sofia is full of galleries and museums that you can explore. There is also a growing nightlife with many clubs opening around the city. Sofia is located very close to the coastline, hiking trails, and ski resorts. Mt. Vitosha is only a short bus ride way from the city. 

Along with the bus from Sofia to Bucharest, there are also express trains and cheap coaches that you can take advantage of. You can also visit Greece by taking the cheap bus from Sofia to Thessaloniki. If you are willing to visit Eastern Europe, the bus from Bucharest to Budapest is a cheap and fast option.

Bus from Bucharest to Sofia
24 Jan 03:15
Bucharest, Bus stop, Hotel Horoskop, Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir 2
24 Jan 09:30
with: Pegasus Group
from 24.85* EUR
Bus from Sofia to Bucharest
21 Jan 08:00
21 Jan 13:40
with: BlaBlaCar
from 10.00* EUR
23 Jan 19:00
24 Jan 02:15
Bucharest, Bus stop, Hotel Horoskop, Bulevardul Dimitrie Cantemir 2
with: Pegasus Group
from 24.85* EUR
*Prices include tax, may change at any time
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Popular indirect connections Sofia → Bucharest
Popular indirect connections Bucharest → Sofia

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