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Coach and bus from Nis to Sofia

Next time that you are thinking about travelling, you may want to consider taking the bus. Taking the bus from Nis to Sofia can save you hundreds of Euros. To make your trip more comfortable, it is recommended that you pack music, snacks, and a pillow. Then you just need to sit back and relax. 

The bus Sofia Nis is one of the best options of travelling to Nis on a budget. Nis is the third-largest city in Serbia. The city is a unique blend of the past and the present, so it is common to see horse-drawn carriages and cars travelling on the same road at the same time. The city is buzzing and is packed with university students, pop-up markets, and funfairs nearly every week of the summer. However, the history of Nis is not as happy as most people think. It was home to one of the most notorious concentration camps during WWII.

Cheap bus tickets from Sofia to Nis

A quick coach from Nis to Sofia is a great way for travelling on a budget. Sofia is a unique capital city because it is very relaxed, so most travellers end up skipping this stop. Sofia is located very close to the coastline, and many ski resorts, so many tourists head straight to their resort. However, they are missing out on an amazing city because Sofia is full of galleries and museums that you can explore. There is also a growing nightlife with many clubs opening around the city.

Along with the bus from Sofia to Nis, there are also trains and cheap coaches that you can use to travel. You can also easily connect with other buses to visit Eastern Europe a little more. These connections include the bus from Sofia to Bucharest that are only 5 hours away. You can also visit Serbia taking the bus from Nis to Belgrade. This makes it very easy to travel across Europe, without breaking the bank. 

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