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Bus ThessalonikiSofia
from 17.00 €
from 03h 40min
with Arda Tur, BlaBlaCar, Union Ivkoni, Distribusion, Tourist Service, Brittany Ferries
Bus AthensSofia
from 36.02 €
from 10h 50min
with Arda Tur, Union Ivkoni, Distribusion, Tourist Service
Bus IstanbulSofia
Bus PlovdivSofia
from 3.00 €
from 01h 20min
with Karat-S, Arda Tur, BlaBlaCar, etap adress, Union Ivkoni, Distribusion
Bus VarnaSofia
from 13.85 €
from 06h 15min
with Biomet, etap adress, Distribusion
*Prices include tax, may change at any time

Coach and Bus to Sofia

Have you ever considered travelling by bus to Sofia? The city is the capital of Bulgaria, a country small of size but with a rich cultural heritage from a variety of different times and cultures including the Roman and Ottoman Empires as well as even older ones. You could also take a cheap coach to Plovdiv which is one of the oldest cities in the world just a hundred kilometres from Sofia or go to Skopje by bus, the capital of Macedonia. If you are willing to go more South and hang out by the sea, take a bus from Sofia to Thessaloniki, in Greece.

There are three types of public transportations, but we recommend that you take a bus in Sofia or in the worst case, take the underground train, which however still only connects a few stations throughout the city and might not be able to deliver you to the place you want to go to.

Bus Trips and Coach Travels to Sofia

The trips by coach to Sofia are quite cheap and provide you with the opportunity to visit significant landmarks for the Bulgarian history as well as dwell into the authentic Eastern European culture. Bulgarians are quite the hospitable people and will always help tourists get around : English is spoken by many.

Taking a coach to Sofia is one of the best possible options to go to the city. We will admit that the roads are not of the highest quality; however, it is quite worth the bumpy ride considering the beautiful Vitosha Mountain you would otherwise be unable to observe. Important landmarks for which Sofians really take pride are the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral located in the centre of the city or the “Hoof” which is a building on top of the Vitosha Mountain, from which you could see the whole city and its surroundings while drinking coffee.

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