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Brexit : what changes for your journeys by bus?

The news came out last night after a much debated referendum: British people have chosen Brexit, which means that leave the European Union. 
Being part of the EU comes with significant advantages when you travel by bus in one of the 28 other EU member country : no visa needed, possibility to take a bus with an ID, guaranteed medical care, ...
In Britain, outside of the Schengen zone, the European travelers had these benefits.
When the British Exit plan is set up that could take up to 10 years, what will happen to coach trips?
On a short and long term, what will the changes be for your journeys by bus?


Journey by bus in the UK after Brexit : will we need a Visa?

Travel by bus in Europe inside the Schengen Area means you have the possibility to cross the European borders without having to show your passport or an ID.
The UK has refused the Schengen Agreement but as part of the EU, when you booked a travel by bus to London for example, you could only take your ID with you.
When the UE and the UK’s « break up » will be effective, your bus journeys might be much longer. Besides your passport, you will most certainly have to receive a Visa to travel by bus to the UK. Just like you were going to the US by bus…For the British citizens, the Schengen Visa will be compulsory.

Brexit's impact on transport sector and cheap bus tickets

British newspapers have highlighted the impact of Brexit on the price of plane tickets, that could be affected by the setting up of new regulations and the air access to the EU.
Concerning the impact on the price of bus tickets, it is possible that there will be an increasing, since new taxes would be set up for the travels between the UK and the rest of Europe.

Besides, Megabus, one of the principal European bus operators, belong to a British Group.
Currently, Megabus coaches answer to rules establishes by the EU.
If the UK leaves the EU, Megabus would be considered as an bus company outside the EU and would then have to make a choice : leave for a country that is still a member of the EU or ask for a permit.
In the latter case, taxes would be set up and then the price of the bus tickets would raise, that made Megabus successful. 

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We can also expect consequences on other operators’ bus routes. Bus companies such as OUIBUS, FlixBus or Eurolines offer trips from other European countries to the United Kingdom. The journey by bus from Paris to London is one of the most searched connection.
Having to show credentials at every crossing of borders, bus travels might be much longer and even more expensive…

What other consequences will Brexit have for bus travelers?

When you travel by coach all over Europe, you are protected. Thanks to you European Health Insurance Card, whatever happens to you, the access to heathcare when you are abroad is guaranteed. For both travelers from the EU than for the British ones, things risk to be different now.

In April 2017, roaming charges will be definitely suppressed within the EU Area. Leaving the European Union would mean that the UK will have to maintain these fees. You would then have to count on a good book for your coach journey.

When you go on a trip by bus, you often bring back souvenirs with you. But, when the UK is no longer a EU member, there might be extra customs fees.

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Yet, all these changes on your bus travels could take some time, up to 7 years. You can then still leave for a week-end in London to give a hug to the Queen. On, compare and book your trips by bus to the UK.

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Created on 26/03/2021
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