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Coach and bus from Bucharest to Budapest

Travelling can be a treat for many people, but many people cannot afford to travel. So, taking a cheap bus from Bucharest to Budapest can allow you to visit a new city without breaking the bank. There are daily buses from both cities, so you can enjoy travelling around Europe. 

Take a bus Budapest Bucharest and discover an underated travel destination. Bucharest is a dynamic, interesting, fun, and energetic city. Most travellers only spend a day in the city, before they move on to Transylvania. However, it is strongly recommended that you spend a few days in Bucharest because the city is full of great museums and cafes to visit. This is a city where unbridled capitalism and unreconstructed communism are blended together. Many travellers stop at The Palace of Parliament, that is one of the most famous landmark.

Cheap bus tickets from Budapest to Bucharest

You can easily save money on travelling by taking a low-cost coach from Bucharest to Budapest. Budapest is a must-visit city in Hungary. Castle Hill and the Castle District are must visit since it is the home of the former Royal Palaces. You should also visit the Parliament building, which is the biggest building in the country at over 260 metres in height. This is where you can also see the Saint Stephen Basilica, Hungarian Crown Jewels, and the Holy Right Hand of King Saint Stephen. There are many other museums around of the city. It is also recommended that travellers should take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries at one of the many local cafes.

The bus from Budapest and Bucharest leaves daily, so you can easily connect to other cities using buses, coaches, and trains. If you want to see more cities, you can easily continue using the bus from Budapest to Zagreb to discover Croatia or the very popular bus Bucharest Sofia. Find and compare bus journeys on our website!

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