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Coach and Bus from Belgrade to Budapest

Travelling from Belgrade in Serbia to Budapest the Hungarian capital by bus is possible. There are a number of direct departures (without any bus change) from Belgrade to Budapest. The travel time between the two cities is approximately 6 hours for around 390 km to 400 km long route. Though there are other travel options which one can use to travel from Belgrade to Budapest, but by using bus Belgrade to Budapest service one can save a good amount of money.

If you have decided to travel by bus Belgrade Budapest, then you should consider making necessary arrangements for your stay beforehand only. If you are looking for the best way by which you can visit all tourist attractions in Budapest, then you should consider taking a tourist bus or you can go for a walk on beautiful Budapestian streets and explore the beauty of the Hungarian capital on your own.

Cheap Bus Tickets from Belgrade to Budapest

Taking a coach from Belgrade to Budapest is the best and cheapest travel option. Taking a bus from Belgrade to Budapest is easier and cost efficient. If you have decided to travel by bus and have made bookings, then you should consider visiting BAS bus station an hour before the bus departure time in order to make sure that you catch the bus for sure. Budapest, the Hungarian capital is also said to be “Paris of the East”. This very city is home to a number of world heritage sites. Budapest is well-known all around the globe for its thermal springs and stunning architecture. Some of the thermal springs are famous for curing diseases and are used for therapeutic purpose.

Budapest and Belgrade both have a lot of attractions which you would surely love so taking a bus from Budapest to Belgrade is worth it. If you want to travel further from Serbia, take a bus from Belgrade to Bucharest and discover another great European city. You can also travel by coach from Budapest to Prague that are only a few hours and a border away. 

Popular indirect connections Belgrade → Budapest
Popular indirect connections Budapest → Belgrade
Popular indirect connections Belgrade → Budapest

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