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The intercity bus app: the mobile bus comparison

You are on the go and you would like to know spontaneously when and where you can catch an intercity bus? What is the easiest and quickest way to start the best bus comparison now? Needless to say: the bus stop should be in your vicinity and the long distance bus trip should be offered to an affordable price. Especially if you are planning a longer trip from let´s say a bus trip from Berlin to Amsterdam. Why don´t you try the intercity bus app of busradar.com on your smartphone?

Long distance bus comparison: Compare all buses

Do you plan a trip by long distance bus through Germany or are you, for instance, obliged to take the intercity bus because your train got cancelled? Every time you plan a trip by long distance bus, you can really save some money by using the intercity bus comparison. But also if you would just like to make a journey by long distance bus you are more than welcome to search a suitable bus line on our comparison portal. In doing so, your route of choice does not even have to be between big cities, since by now, not only cities like Berlin and Paris are serviced by bus in Europe. In case you know already the day you wish to travel or if you would just like to get general information about intercity buses, you can get started right away on busradar.com with your long distance bus comparison.

Booking a long-distance bus ticket: your options

You would like to book a trip on a long-distance bus knowing that online tickets are particularly cheap? However, you have never booked an online ticket for an intercity bus trip before and you are a little uncertain?

Hereafter we you will find several options for booking an intercity bus trip ticket:

Exclusive Interview with CitybusExpress

Logo Citybus ExpressNew long distance bus company starting business in May 2015.

CitybusExpress, a Dutch company based in a village close to Arnhem, will start operating a line connecting the Dutch citys Utrecht,  Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn and Enschede with the German citys Hanover and Berlin. We had the opportunity to address a couple questions to Job van den Broek, the General Manager of CitybusExpress


Exclusive Interview with iDBUS

French Coach Operator launches new Service towards Germany

In France, iDBUS is an established coach operator. The subsidary company of the French state-owned railway operator SNCF just opened its first service towards Germany. The new line connects Cologne and Aachen with Brussels and Paris. Most German intercity bus companies work together with smaller bus companies using subcontracts. In contrary to that, iDBUS has own drivers and owns a fleet of coaches.

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