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Top 10 Tips for the long distance bus trip

Ideen und Tipps für Ihre Fernbusfahrt.

What´s the difference between a relaxed and an annoyed long distance bus traveler? Apart from the inner attitude towards traveling by intercity bus, the preparation of the long distance bus trip will help to enjoy a relaxed bus travel -particulary for a long intercity bus trip as for example from Berlin to Amsterdam. So what should you bear in mind?  Hereinafter we have compiled the top 10 tips to go on an intercity bus trip.

Find low cost bus trips for New Years Eve now

Take an ultra low cost bus trip on New Years Eve in a comfortable intercity bus.

Have you sorted your New Years Eve plans yet? You ask yourself where's the best place to spend NYE in Europe? With the intercity buses you have a great chance to go on a ultra low cost bus journey on New Years Eve. That´s how even a two day stay in your favorite city is definitely worth the travel. In order to find a low cost bus journey for New Years Eve as for example to Hamburg, it is advantageous, to start looking for a suitable bus line pretty early. On our overview and comparison portal you are able to find low cost bus trips within Germany but also long distance bus journeys all over Europe.

Cheap bus tickets speed you up

During vacation season you discovered the intercity bus for yourself and would like to take more often advantage of this convenient way of travelling?  The ticket price is very important to you, but it is not always easy to book cheap bus tickets? In order to find reliant and cheap bus tickets to go for example by intercity bus from Salzburg to Munich or to find the best bus connection from Berlin to Frankfurt, with our intercity bus search you are able to find quickly and intuitively all bus rides and providers for these and other connections.

Liberalization of intercity bus market in France

An overview of amendments und market shares

An important bill of the French government, which attracted only little international media attention, came into force on August 10, 2015: the liberalization of the intercity bus market in France.

The 100km distance limit as an amendment of deregulating the French intercity bus market

With this new legislation, the French government aims to facilitate travel, by allowing the development of inter-regional public transport and, of course, having an impact on the price of this travel. Up to now providers of intercity buses that pass France were obliged to prove that more than half of their passengers are on their way to international destinations. Thanks to the intercity bus market liberalization the transport is also allowed on national bus routes for distances of at least 100km. 

Intercity bus search - simple and convenient

Vacation time is just around the corner and you look for an intercity bus, which takes you along on summer vacation at a most favorable price? Whether you would like to take the bus to the international airport in Frankfurt or go on a city trip: because of the multitude of providers, the online intercity bus search poses an increasing challenge. There are countless ways to search for long distance buses, especially for frequently travelled bus routes as for example the intercity bus route from Berlin to Amsterdam.

Yet, instead of rushing into the turmoil of the internet and wasting hours with searching, with the help of our comparison portal you can easily get started with a relaxed and efficient intercity bus search. Particularly, if you are looking for the best price for your long distance bus trip.

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