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from 11.73 €
from 06h 00min
with Intaks, Voyager, Sindbad, Biacomex, Ecolines, Openline, GetByBus, Eurolines, BlaBlaCar, Minsktrans, Visit-Tour, Zapeka E.H., Запека Е.Г.,, Distribusion, Intercars Europe, Intercars Polska, Expressbus Minsk, Eurolines Germany
from 16.00 €
from 06h 00min
with BlaBlaCar, Minsktrans, Запека Е.Г., Expressbus Minsk
from 12.00 €
from 08h 30min
with Altonel, Rustrans, Ecolines,, BlaBlaCar, Visit-Tour, Minsktrans,,, Distribusion, Минсктранс ГП, Suzdalskoe ATP, Intercars Polska, Евротранс / Автотурлайн, ЧТУП ТРАДИМУС Международные, Суздальское_АТП Международные
from 3.00 €
from 01h 40min
with, Ecolines, Gomelavto, BlaBlaCar, Minsktrans, Zapeka E.H., Запека Е.Г., Distribusion, Sylenok M.V., Expressbus Minsk, Intercars Polska, ФОП Силенок М.В., Eurolines Kautra, Ольховик О.В. ФОП, (Vladimir Vladimirovich )
from 14.17 €
from 07h 10min
with Voyager, Ecolines,, Gomelavto, BlaBlaCar, Minsktrans, Visit-Tour, AstraTravel, Sylenok M.V., Gadzhiev-Bus, Olkhovik O.V., ФОП Недев Д.М., OOO Turist Bus, Недєв Д.М. ФОП, Intercars Polska, ФОП Силенок М.В., Ольховик О.В. ФОП, АВТОБУСНИЙ ПАРК N2 КТУП 'МІНСЬКТРАНС'
*Prices include tax, may change at any time

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