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Bus NaplesBari Airport (BRI)
from 5.97 €
from 02h 30min
with Itabus, FlixBus, Marozzi, movelia, BlaBlaCar, Trenitalia, Distribusion,, Marino Autolinee, Sita sud - Campania
Bus LecceBari Airport (BRI)
from 4.11 €
from 01h 40min
with BlaBlaCar, Trenitalia
Bus FoggiaBari Airport (BRI)
from 6.00 €
from 00h 45min
with Marozzi, BlaBlaCar, Trenitalia, Distribusion,, Aeroporti di Puglia
Bus PolicoroBari Airport (BRI)
from 8.00 €
from 01h 30min
with FlixBus, Marozzi, BlaBlaCar, Trenitalia, Aeroporti di Puglia
Bus MateraBari Airport (BRI)
from 3.00 €
from 00h 55min
with Marozzi, BlaBlaCar, Distribusion, Aeroporti di Puglia, Sita sud - Basilicata
*Prices include tax, may change at any time

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