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Bus Amsterdam ↔ Maastricht: price & duration
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Coach and bus from Amsterdam to Maastricht

Take the bus from Amsterdam to Maastricht and engage into a fast and easy bus connection between these two beautiful cities. This coach journey will last approximately 7 to 9 hours. Therefore, make sure you have your favourite book or movie along, in order to spend your time pleasantly.

The bus Maastricht Amsterdam route will enable you to enjoy the scenery between those two cities. One of the most popular European cities, Amsterdam, will amaze you with its beautiful canals and vibrant city life. Amsterdamians always take advantage of the warm weather to spend a day at the beautiful parks or Amsterdam North. Here, you can enjoy some interesting festivals and music events that are always available for both locals and travellers. Herring carts offer many different Dutch specialties on the go. Don’t miss the chance to try out some of them.

Cheap bus tickets from Maastricht to Amsterdam

This cheap coach from Amsterdam to Maastricht will help you save some money and spend more time in one of these magnificent cities. Take the bus and spend only 18.00 – 35.00 €, depending on the stops and the overall duration of the trip. Visit Maastricht, one of the most popular cities in the Netherlands. Once you reach the city by coach, you can visit some of the spectacular churches or the waterfront with its vibrant day and night life. The city is surrounded by beautiful hills, where you can walk and explore the gorgeous scenery. Reach the top and admire the beautiful view beneath you.

Take the bus from Maastricht to Amsterdam, in order to arrange more coach trips around the country. You can choose a journey by bus from Amsterdam to Bruges, or start your next expedition straight from Maastricht. There you can arrange a trip by bus from Maastricht to Dusseldorf, which is only 2 hours away.

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