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You develop software and are passionate about it?

That’s great, because we…


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Web development

Web development

Web development




… are looking for a talented software developer to join our Team.


But first up a short reality check:
  • Maybe you sometimes get the feeling, you don’t get treated all that well at work?

  • Your colleagues don’t understand, why you want to make the things you work on better?

  • You don’t want to lose touch with new technologies?

  • The server room gets the latest AC, whilst you sweat in front of a cheap, little ventilator. And your office has no free drinks that YOU actually like to drink.

  • You sit in a soulless office, feeling drained.

  • Having no flexible working hours means you sometimes sit at work willing the clock to move faster, whilst wishing the work you do would get recognized or even noticed.

  • You want to work in a real team that does a lot more together than just to share an office.


Team Kicker


Okay…first things first:

Which technologies await you?

Website development
ASP MVC / Visual Studio 2015


Api development
ASP WebApi / Visual Studio 2015

Continua CI




Could it be time for a change?


If so, we might have something for you:
  • We offer a "start-up" atmosphere in the secure setting of a successful company, where people can work in a constructive and highly motivated environment.
    The interest in new technologies is not just a gimmick for us, it is a necessary quality of a good software developer.

  • We’re not afraid of mistakes and problems associated with new technologies. Just the opposite: we learn from them.

  • We stay the way we are, don’t bend over backwards and build a team that likes to meet up after work, be it for LaserTag or online gaming.

  • We’re seeking developers, who are constructive, inquisitive and open to change. Developers bursting with ideas that want to make a difference as a team.



Then send us your application at [email protected].
If applicable, we’d also love to see your Stack Overflow profile and links to projects you’ve been part of.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in all the technologies we use.
It is, however, important that you bring the necessary basics and motivation to learn.

Open positions

A little something about us:

We deploy any technology that allows us to build an awesome website for our users. In the process we stick to the principles of Clean Code Development.

If you want to get to know the entire Busliniensuche and Busradar team click here.


Our office building is also a well-rounded affaire:

rounded office building


You still need more convincing?

Every week we consume: 1 kg coffee, 1 crate ClubMate, 3 kg cookies, 4 kg bananas, 12 l milk. We also have an Amazon subscription for Nerf darts and safety goggles.

So now: [email protected]


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